January 6th, 2018 

By: Davion Harris

It all started with a simple prank. But what happened before is what makes my story sort of unbearable. It’s about what my brother promised my mom. It hurts that he broke the promise, but he didn’t have a choice. He promised earlier that night that he would go back to school and start doing right. That he’d do so good that he would be the one to take us away from poverty. It was all cut short from the most uncommon mistake in the world, and it never really leaves your mind.

He came up with the idea to prank my mom’s boyfriend. You can find cracked screen pranks on YouTube, and he thought that was perfect. Of course, we told my mom’s boyfriend the truth. But what hurts me so badly is that he said, “You’re lucky you were just playing, because you would’ve got shot.” At the time, I thought it was funny. Little did I know that it was somewhat the truth.

It was about 4 or 5 in the morning. We should have been asleep. But it was a new house. We were up exploring, playing 2K, and just enjoying time until school started again. My mom’s boyfriend came in, and we were joking until we needed to leave the room so he could put his gun away. He worked security, and he needed one. We were all leaving, but for some reason, my brother wanted to stay. I ask myself every now and then why he needed to go back in.

I went back to my room. I was watching Harry Potter cause my weird ass was fucking with it at the time. I was a freshman, feeling good about myself. BOOM. POW. I heard a gunshot. I jumped up out of my bed and ran straight to the hallway where I saw my little brother screaming.

Praying in my head, I hoped it was not what I thought. I prayed I was dreaming. But I looked over to my right and saw the window shattered. I looked to my left and saw a hole in the wall. I screamed, “YOU SHOT MY BROTHER! YOU SHOT MY BROTHER! YOU SHOT MY BROTHER! YOU SHOT MY BROTHER! YOU SHOT MY BROTHER! YOU SHOT MY BROTHER!” It was real. I was living in one of the worst outcomes ever, seeing your brother dying on the floor.   He was just lying there. I walked in closer and saw blood leaking out of his head. I was officially scared, but it only got worse. I decided to move in a little more, only to be extremely hurt because I saw some of his brain. What exactly do you do to recover from that? You can’t. You’re just left mentally and emotionally scarred.

My mom screamed. She was in the room when her oldest son was shot. My mom’s boyfriend was trying to find a way to keep my brother breathing. He was pumping his chest and screaming at him to keep him awake. My mom was trying to stay positive, telling us that he was ok. I hate to say it, but I didn’t cry at first. I didn’t cry until about 2 pm when I saw my mom. She burst into the child protective services office and she was bawling. She just wanted to see all 3 of us.

I despised my mom’s boyfriend at the time because I thought he did it on purpose. But it wasn’t. They took him to jail from about 6 am to 8 pm. He wasn’t immediately told that my brother passed away. When we finally told him, he passed out for a second.  Honestly, I felt bad for him.

But maybe everything happens for a reason.